hunting for the metal horse

I just finished cleaning my house. I say my house, but it’s not really mine, but it was my family’s house and it just so happened that I was the one left behind to tend to it, so it kinda turns out to be my own. I spend for all the utilities, keep it clean, and also pay for the taxes so there.

Anyway, I think I made it to record time today, cleaning the house. Normally, I’d just spend one whole day cleaning just one or two rooms. But today I was able to do almost the whole house. I alternated the first and second floors, working my way in. I woke up quite late so I could have done more, but at least I was able to clean it fairly well.

I found out, as if I don’t already know it, that we do have a lot of stuff. I think that’s beside the fact that my mother actually is a neat-freak, the weird thing is she’s a hoarder too. I used to remember how she would wake us up Saturday mornings to get us to clean the house, when in reality, we just end up dusting things and moving them all around into new places. Most of the stuff we still got here at home are from my brothers really, stuff that they left me when they kinda sorta moved out. My younger brother kinda sorta moved back in so there’s additional stuff from him when he came back. I got of my own stuff as well, mostly craft materials I have partly used and kept for the next crafting opportunity to roll by.

I actually thought of throwing all of the stuff away once my little brother leaves home, but that would be too much work, not to mention stress, if I accidentally throw out something that they actually want to keep. In a way this house would be a repository for that. One day in the future, this is actually going to be our ancestral home. And I was thinking of actually keeping a bunch of the stuff so that we’d have mementos of when we still lived here.

I thought I could actually take individual pictures of the stuff that was here and then show them to my family to see which ones they still wanted or we needed to throw out already. Sound like a bold idea but I don’t know.

On that note, i have to ask August if he still has that metal horse. I’m sure my dad would love to keep that.


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