write what you know

More than one wrting website I’ve seen told me to wrtite what you know. Easier said than done. Easier written than done, really.
It is suposedly easier to write what you know since if you do that, the words should come out naturally and more fluidly. You’d be able to elaborate and expound on it further and hopefully compose a more coherent, seemingly expertly written piece, whether this be an essay or a story. I guess that’s why writers would need to be researchers on one hand, get the facts down first before getting any words down on paper.
But I do have a problem with this though. Part of true knowledge, they say, or so I might have read somewhere, is knowing that you don’t really know. If that is true, and then we add one adage to another, see what I did there, then it would likely be that most of the really brilliant people I know, see what I did there yet again, would not be good writers.
And then most of the writers I know, would be as dumb as logs.
Nigga, whut?!?
What the hell, I have a cold and my throat hurts and I am already sleepy and way past my bedtime.
Over and out.

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