pre-birthday post

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pre-birthday post

My birthday is coming up soon, and I will be turning 28. I think it is customary for some bloggers to mark events like this with some sort of post, either celebrating the year that has passed or anticipating yet another year that will come. I have fallen into that cliche before and I can’t say that I am not doing that right now. The mere fact that I actually started this post just proves and validates that.

I am wondering what to write about on my so-called special day. I read about a couple of years ago about November being the National Novel Writing Month. Pretty gruelling, to think that I am only celebrating my birthday one day in a month, and I don’t believe in commemorating birthday month. I think just saying that sound moronic. But still, I am looking forward to writing more, as I have year after year, even if only a small percentage of it would eventually actually hit my blog. As if anyone ever really reads that anymore at all. Oh, yeah. Don Dee does, once in a blue moon. And yes, NaNoWriMo sounds pretty exciting, but getting an actual novel out is pretty intense even for someone intense like me. I am no writer really, at least not anymore. Let’s just say that I was someone who actually used to be good at putting his thought down on paper or online, and now have been consumed by Twitter down to making 140 character or less remarks about specific moments in my life, that no one would ever really have a clue what about unless they really deeply do know me.
I am trying to brainstorm on what to write about. I am thinking of playing with the number twenty seven or twenty eight, just because. I was accused once of actually being a numbers guy at this one management workshop that I attended. The activity was to generate two unique questions that you can ask around the group. You know, some sort of getting-to-know-you activity for your fellow managers. My questions were related to colors (since I am red-green color blind) and a number: First, "What kind of color would you describe the person you would like to be?" Second was, "From 1 to 10, what number would best describe your personality?" The responses that I got were both a bit underwhelming and a bit good, maybe there was a flaw in the questions, or just my manner of asking them.
Where was I? Oh yes, numbers. I am thinking of doing a list of twenty seven or twenty eight things of something when I was twenty seven or as I turn twenty eight. Maybe twenty seven things I have learned when I was twenty seven, although I might have to check my blog history if I might have written about that already. And besides, how can you actually isolate your life learnings for a specific year? One way or another, some of the things you can say that you have learned when you were twenty seven, you would actually have already known when you were a lot younger, or you would have already been told before, but you just weren’t paying enough attention or just simply denied the fact. Well, unless you actually go into specifics, like say, some trivia and some personal life learnings shit, then probably you’ll get to produce a more accurate list.
One other thing I was thinking about was people. I could list down twenty seven people who actually moved or had played a big part in my life when I was twenty seven and maybe write letters to them with all the things that I have always been afraid to tell them to their face. i guess that just keeps up with my series of unsent letters that I am trying to run right now, to little or very minimal success. Well, I can name a few people whom I would very much want to write a letter to, but thinking further, I don’t think the exercise would allow me to list a full twenty seven. At any rate, it will be a good exercise for me in terms of opening up, as if my blog isn’t already a good one, and as if I have not been prone to do a Mo on twitter every so often and just fall mute when it comes to prying readers.
Songs. I don’t know if I have tried this before but I could list down my twenty seven soundtrack of twenty seven songs that defined my twenty seventh year. That will be cheesy for some but given my diverse selection of music, that will be pretty interesting, at least to me. And that will just give me enough excuse to revisit my mp3 collection and finally come around to organizing it. 
I came across this website by Allison Lehman about things that she found and liked online. One of the posts told about a 30-Day Drawing Challenge with specific topics you can draw about within a span of 30-days. Sounds like a pretty good idea. At least I’ll be able to use this set of markers that I got a few years back with the Moleskine sketchbook that Faith gave me last year. I do have one issue with it, the very first day challenge requires you to draw yourself. Like a self-portrait kind of a thing. That alone, I am finding hard, but we’ll see.
I still have more than a week to figure this out. For now, I am craving any food other than pan de sal.

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