letters unsent – SJR 5

You are now officially a series of unsent letters. I never thought or intended it to be that way, I actually wanted to write more letters to other people in my life. But for now, since you hare somewhat hell bent in skirting whatever issues that I have with the way things are going on, or not going on, between us, you have become an easy and unavoidable target in my quest for self-expression.
I haven’t got a single clue yet on what kind of tattoo I am going to design for you. I couldn’t remember anymore the first time that you asked me to design one for you, maybe that was when we first met and I saw that Hebrew tattoo that you had at the back of your arm, and you saw all my five seemingly random ones. You told me what kind of style you wished but up until now, I have the slightest idea how to execute that would fit your personality. It’s note really the same I guess, the artistic process for a dancer like you as opposed to someone more visual like me.
I remember how we used to kid about it when we were at this chicken wing place. We joked about you getting an orchid tattoo somewhere on the small of your back, I think. I mentioned getting something more in the like of not the flower which would be an orchid but the word “orchid” tattooed in bold letters filled in with the color electric pink. We laughed, and I told you that was what I was going to design for you. Actually, come to think of it, I already have something like that in mind, complete with what kind of font to use and the styling of it. That was fun and funny at the same time.


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