tuesday, close to 4:00 am in the morning

I still have no clue why my body clock is so screwed up. I mean, I do have a clue, but I am strongly denying any particular connection with my late night/early morning sleeping habits. They say it all boils down to discipline. But I say it somehow boils down to my libido. It boils down to sex.
I don’t even have a clue why I would be saying that. But yes, I am an insomniac/sex addict. Even at this very moment, all I can think about is fucking someone. Good and hard. Fucking some piece of ass long and hard.
So as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by my urge to have something chocolatey, I love sex. I mean who doesn’t? Happy is the guy who can get sex every single day of his adult fucking life. I want sex on demand. I want a piece of ass who’d be willing to bend over if I need it, no periods, no headaches, no excuses.
I bet it’s not just me. I bet it’s going to be the same across all the board, no gender restrictions bullshit. If you can even offer any woman a good piece of dick, a tight ass, washboard abs and the license to use that anytime they please, with no obligation to committing to a relationship, they’d be all for it. Okay, well let’s say just half of the single, virile women I know would actually say yes in a heartbeat without thinking wiyth their hearts, but a solid 50 percent that would be. With all the gender equality and feminist movement crap going around, wouldn’t that be a solid cause for them too: to be able to think and act like a man who thinks about sex all the fucking time whilst only being able to act upon it like two-thirds of the time?
Okay, where was I again? I was cruising a bit online before I got sasquatched by this Chinese whale. At any rate, I guess I better stop this since this is really going nowhere in no time.


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