I can see into the future

There are times in your life that you get to ask yourself,”Why do I even really bother? What is the point when you know very well in the end that everything will just eventually amount to nothing, and that soon enough you’ll find out that everything you’ve ever worked hard for and strived hard to achieve can just disappear in a mere blink of an eye?” Is anything ever really worth it anymore?
You know what, when you do find yourself asking these questions to yourself, stop and take a moment. You know the answer all along. You do these stupid things because at one moment you really believed that every little thing that you do will actually amount to something. That everything is indeed worth it. At that split second that you do think that it will all amount to something good in the end, you had a vision of something that was too good top pass on, an opportunity of a lifetime so to speak. At that split second you did see into the future and saw that it was something good if not something better.
Honestly, just the fact that I did see into the future bit is all that I can ever need to motivate me. It’s just too amazing to believe that I have that kind of superpower.

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