ask and you shall receive

I don’t count myself as a very persuasive person. I have never even been good at telling people what I want much less knowing exactly what I want, thus when it comes to actually asking for what I want, I’m no better.
I never really had a knack for sales too, for some reason that has been in one if the discussions that I’ve had with my close friends at work, about eventually selling yourself to get ahead professionally, but that would merit a whole other post in the future. I digress, but the point that I wanted to say was that I have always been a believer in not forcing other people to do what you want.I believe in making then see the point of you wanting what you want and then figuring out on their own that you were right all along and that you’re a fucking genius. Yes, because it feels better that way, admit it. And you would not necessarily be held accountable for their actions since by getting their, and though I would hate to use my boss’s term for it, buy-in first, there I used it, it gives them the illusion of free will instead of an image of you acting out of sheer asshole-ness.
The trick is how to make it as subtle as you can, that not even you would notice it. Eventually, once you’ve actually established your genius, or credibility or whatever you want to call it, you’ll learn that you wouldn’t even actually have to try to ask people for what you want, they’ll be the one asking it from you. Don’t believe me? Ask some of my friends, those who don’t actually read my blog or never even heard of it.
On the other side of the coin, I do, am trying to get into the habit of asking people what they want, because honestly, sometimes I just don’t want to think anymore. You think of what to do next and where to go next at work more than eight hours a day, and sometimes it feels better to just be told what you should do. And when I do ask for people what they want, I don’t expect any runaround answer or polite responses. Best if you give it to me straight, no bull. Tapos. I know Filipinos are kind of known for mincing words a lot sometimes, I guess that stems from having such a polite and wordy language. But I’d always prefer a straight answer when I do as people what they want. I would understand if you don’t know what you want but is it asking tool much if you could just tell me that even?
My apologies, I started writing this post like a couple of days ago and I am just trying to finish it now, at least to just try to round it out. I about even exactly remember why I am writing this post in the first place.

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