I am not that big into apologies, that is one thing that I think most of my friends know about me for a fact. I am not entirely sure why, I know my parents would have taught new how to apologize one time or another when I was young. But somehow as I grew older and eventually earned a lot more things to apologize for, I never really got until the habit of it.
I was thinking of this today when I came to wonder: when someone apologizes to you, what really is the most appropriate response? And to add to that, when someone says “I’m sorry” to you, what do you normally say? What are the instances that it is appropriate to say I’m sorry?
What do you say when someone tells you they’re sorry? The most common that I can think of is probably “thank you.” But why do we say thank you if someone tells us that they’re sorry? Maybe we’re grateful for the fact that they empathize with how we feel and they express that by saying sorry. We area somehow thankful to them because they found it in themselves to take whatever it is that you feel bad about as their own, and they reedy to make you feel that you’re not alone in your feelings of sadness or pain. Valid point. But if you say thank you to someone who tells you that they’re sorry, isn’t that also acknowledgment if the fact that they consider themselves as better off than you, if not better off than you right now?


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