at the end of the day

I often wonder why is it that everyday that I get home I still feel that I haven’t done quite enough. I feel that hi haven’t accomplished enough for the day even though I feel as tired as hell. Sometimes I even think that I don’t have a single clue what I am even doing or am supposed to do.I font have an idea where am I headed or if I am headed towards the right direction.
On the other hand, there are instances within the day that I do feel in control of what I am doing, and that I know exactly where I am headed. But I feel sad that those times just come to me too far in between. For the most part, I don’t even really notice it at all in the middle of the day. Somehow it just is an afterthought to meer that I did something that is worth anything today, an afterthought of thinking how futile my attempts of the day were.
I think I have mentioned it before in some professional interview our something, our maybe in some conversation with my boss, which is likely to be some job interview anyways, that I don’t really feel that I am really that stretched at work.


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