you judge, i judge, we judge

I am judgmental, I must admit, but what can be so wrong with that?
Everyday we are judged. We are judged by our friends, our family, even
people whom we don’t really know. And we in turn judge other people
too. We form our ideas of other people constantly as we try to figure
them out using even the smallest details that we learn on how they
live their lives, the choices that they make, the company they keep,
and even they way they look or react to certain things we say or do
for or to them. Passing judgement on other people is not necessarily
bad, I think that is what composes the most basic propriety in
society. It comes naturally to us as rational human beings. It’s only
when we try to impose these judgements on other people that it becomes
inappropriate, sometimes when we actually just put all our judgements
out there.
What is the point? I was just wondering, what is the last thing that
you would want yourself to be judged by?

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