I am starting a series of letters. Letters to people whom I’ve known
and still know; people whom I have wronged and then some.
I don’t know why. I have always had a lot of things that I wanted to
say to them I guess, that, from the way it looks, will just go unsaid
for the longest time. I guess it is kinda selfish on my part to let it
out here but hey, as long as no one is reading and it’s my blog in the
first place, so I can basically do what I want.
I would like to keep it anonymous though, to whom these letters are
addressed to. At the back of my mind, those who would get to read them
would realize it was addressed to them in the first place and then my
mission is accomplished. Either way, if someone they know reads the
letter, at least that person would know how I felt about a common
Worst case scenario is that these letters would just give people I
know some reason to gossip about who these letters are for and then
fuel more questions about my personal life that I would rather not
voluntarily answer, unless I am put under the influence of alcohol or
Oh well. This sounds like a good exercise.
I’ll see.

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