introduce yourself

HI thought of this over my first meal for the day, which kinda looks like breakfast, but sounds more like afternoon tea.
I have always been a very private and somewhat secretive person. Even my closest friends know that. I tend to not reveal details of my life quite easily or voluntarily. Other than alcohol or extremely annoying prodding, nothing and no one has ever made me tell them that much detail about my life unless I personally feel that they actually need to know such details in the first place. Yes, it’s stupid, but details of my life are just revealed on a need-to-know basis. If you don’t need to know, then why waste the extra neurons knowing about it? Unless your life depended on which leg I put into my pants first, then you’ll just have to wonder.
Which turns me to the question I wanted to ask: how would your friends introduce you, or how do your friends introduce you to other people? Say for the purpose of looking for a job, or hooking you up with a potential partner, or maybe just some random person, how would your friends describe you? Think of it this way, if you were something that yor friend brought to school for show and tell, how would their presentation of you go?
Hmmm… That’s something to think about.

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