I don’t know but still

It’s been a while since I have really written anything. And like what I always write after a long hiatus from writing, I think I have no idea on how to write anymore.
Write what you know, they say. But then again, what do I really know anyway that is worth writing about?
These, I know:

  1. I haven’t been that productive as I wish I would be, or as I was before, almost a year into this new job.
  2. I have issues with interacting with people just for the heck of it, or because I simply have no use for them right, I immediately subconsciously dismiss any interaction with them people as utterly useless and a mere waste of both our times.
  3. I haven’t been getting enough sleep, just because (or due to reasons that I’d rather not put out into the universe.
  4. Since we are talking about “putting out” already, I have come to admit that I can and will readily and easily “put out” when provoked in a certain nature. Concurrent to this, I absolutely have no skill in the art of seduction.
  5. Still along the same thread, I simply do not look good, neither physically nor on paper, and I could well be destined to live the end of my days alone albeit that constant string of one-night stands.
  6. I am tired of having that conscience to take care of my family, though it is something tha I could not unlearn from my emotions anymore, because yes, I am also just that old already.

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