senseless jerk

I can be a jerk most of the sometimes

I am a jerk
I wonder how people make it work
that time is like nothing to them
and sooner or later they find themselves
devoted to each other’s rock
and keep it so precious
before you know it, there’s only one
rock, inseparable, solid
then there is none
blankness of once was the rock
and I wonder, how?
when all there is was rock to begin with?
all people can be jerks sometimes
going crazy over someone
you barely even know
and despite of all things
believe in the unbelievable
and if this could possibly make the world go round again
for another day
the I guess
I wish for it to stop and tell me
what the hell is going on?
most people can be insensitive sometimes
subtlety works wonders
if you’re crazy over a rock
just one look at it and it knows
moments of silence are often rare
and in that moment
one rock thinks of another rock
in the silence they talk but don’t fully understand
for they never want to listen
and they want to be thinking of another opposite rock
the rock too far to reach
[I guess this was one of my moments of nonsense way back in college. I tried to remember events of that that would have led me to write such blabber but I can’t still figure it out, many year later. This really doesn’t make any sense at all.
My small notebooks were filled with this kind of crap. And now so is my blog. *evil laugh*]

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