sometimes I don’t even know what I am doing anymore

Yes, it is too late to change careers now, at least for this age. Normally, I shouldn’t really be thinking about switching careers until I get to the age nearing retirement, say around mid-fifties or later, or that age when I actually have already established a career or anything that resembles one. That being said, strike that: Yes, it is too late to not yet know which career to take by now.
I don’t know. I never thought of myself as a numbers guy or a financial profession kind of person. I never did that well in maths or in economics, I think, and I don’t even have the right sense of mind to even think of my own financial security. Yet here I am, more than six years in a path of financial services. I remember one time someone asked which comes first: falling in love with your job or actually getting good at it. It should either be one or the other, right? When you love your job, you eventually do everything to be good at it; when you’re good at something, you tend to love doing it, because it makes you feel good about yourself and your own self-worth. Makes sense, yes. But why haven’t I fallen in love with this career path yet?

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