I was in for a definite scare last night when Drew died. Well, not really died. Fainted would be an understatement; I think he actually lost consciousness. Or is that one and the same thing? I don’t know, haven’t been.
Drew? Who is Drew anyway? I am not a big fan of naming inanimate objects, even people’s privates, and believe me, most guys actually have names for their penises and then some ladies I know have terms of endearment for their vaginas too. But, for the first time, I actualy thought of giving my new Galaxy Tab a name: Drew. Because he’s my first Android tablet device. My old netbook didn’t even have that privilege of having a name, although a friend did insist on calling her Missy, since it was an MSI netbook. But for some reason, the name never stuck even for my friend. My other friends have names for almost every gadget in their lives, and actually reference them like actual people. I think no one would actually go to such lengths as talking to these inanimte objects, that would just be plain cuckoo, but giving them things names just emphasizes how much we’ve become attached to objects that make our lives a lot easier, and a lot more fun.
So, Drew? So what did make me decide to give him a name? I don’t know. Maybe I just felt that this will be one thing that I would be using a lot more often than any of my other gadgets, other than my Blackberry, which I am also considering giving a name. Something like Barry, or Barrack, or Rachel (Berry, from Glee), or even Malou (Barry, the OPM singer). We will be spending a lot of time together, me and Drew, and he will most likely be my official confidante for everything that I want to say or write.
Thank GOD you woke up.


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