I have been attending the Salubong for the longest time and I have never seen it this close. Well, nothing much to see really. They just bow the saints a couple of times, remove Mary's veil, fireworks, balloons set the veil afloat to the heavens, and then we troop back to the church. Gone are the days when they actually rocked the carriages silly till daylight and the Marys and the apostles "danced" in pairs. (Not enough Marys to go around, guess who made rounds? Joke.) Mom says the parish took a more "conservative" approach by just doing the regular procession back to church. Not much fun for the saints' posse though.
There was the morning mass right after the procession back to the church, so it was a bit seamless, the people didn't have to go home and rest before going back to the church to hear mass. In a way, it kinds helped bring the attendance up for Easter service. The parish priest said that Christmas is still the most attended service, but by far, the most significant in the liturgical calendar has to be Easter. Go figure.

*From last night, the priest asked us why we think Jesus chose to show himself to the ladies first before the men (apostles) when he rose from the dead. I wonder…


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