gideon duty

Last night's procession was to commemorate the burial of Jesus after he died on the cross at 3pm. All of the Marys and apostles are there, as well as those who assisted in the burial preparations like Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus.
Like the usual Filipino processions, all the saints were decked out in funeral muted colors and the flowers overflowed. Each saint had their own procession posse, normally chosen as part of family who actually keep the saints or at least someone the posse can actually relate to. I am not sure if there are loyalty point involved but then again, as long as you know who you're posse-ing with.
This year, as part of our mother's hermana duties, my brother had to do gideon duty. I never knew what a gideon was until last night, it apparently is this heavy metal guilt flag on a a long metal pole that kinda represented Jesus. I recall this scene from the movie Kingdom of Heaven where they had a huge shimmering banner in front of the war parade, somehow symbolizing rallying the troops to war. Something like that. Only the one that we had was not that shiny or big. It had a guilded symbol of the Eucharist on one side and the Lamb of God on the other. It w as quite heavy, made worse by the way the metal flag swayed at the top end, it was pretty difficult to balance it on one shoulder.
We walked in front of the priest during the procession and the last third of it we were actually leading it already since the priest already had to retire for the night because of his heart condition.
The whole thing felt like actually lifting a cross on your shoulder. I didn't feel that good, just a bit, leading the long line of saints and their posse. But it did make me feel very significant for once.

*That's kids sticking their unused candles from the procession at the steps of the church. I didn't take pictures of us doing gideon duty. That heavy pole makes it hard to free up your hands.


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