Nothing can be more Pinoy in fastfood than Jollibee.
I haven’t had some for a long time and since I got a taste of the 2-piece Chickenjoy we got delivered to the office the other day, I found myself craving for it last Thursday. So, I went out and grabbed a spread: Yum with Cheese, Jolly Spaghetti and Chickenjoy combo. Actually I found myself staring at the menu for a long time, thinking if I should have asked for the Jolly Hotdog, Lumpiang Shanghai, and the 2-piece Burger Steak as well, but I knew that would be too much. Maybe I’ll do that when I ask them to deliver it to my place.
I think the reason why their food appeals to me so much now is that because when I was young, Jollibee was an event. It was the highlight of say a long school quarter, or that sweet reward for a job well done in school.
As I grew older and earned my own keep, I began to gravitate to other things, other more expensive restaurants and some “finer” things in life than Jollibee. But whenever I am stressed or just craving for something to pick up my mood, their food never fails. It always brings me back to that happy place when I was a kid. It’s not even the meal itself that satisfies, it that nostalgic feeling, like a good pat on the back that feels really great. As adults, people never recognize that in you that much anymore. At least Jollibbe does.
One thing I regret though: getting dessert.


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