eight minutes

Everybody who's almost anybody is already almost talking about the movie The Source Code, which I finally got to see last night.
Coulter has just about eight minutes to save the world by finding out who the bomber is who blew up a train and now plans to blow up the rest of the city. He takes in the person of a passenger who died in the explosion and relives the man's final eight minutes gathering clues about the blast.
From a Hollywood standpoint, the premise really is sellable. It doesn't go into explaining a lot about the source code itself, save for a few minutes of dialogue. But true enough, the audience really couldn't care enough how exactly the quantum physics quasi-BS actually works, they just care about Jake Gyllenhaal and Christina "taking his advice" literally and figuratively. Hehe.
It's not a bad movie, but it's not Inception either. It makes you think after you see it. Xseth asked me, after the movie revealed the "twist" at the end, "Where is Sean?" If you watch the movie, you'll probably ask the same thing, or probably not since you don't really think like Xseth. It's actually a good question: if Coulter eventually did take over Sean's life via the source code, and in effect, by saving all of the lives on the train Sean actually lived and did not die after all, the true question is, where would the source code run/experiment figure in the altered reality?
The movie plays on the twist in the end that everybody was saved on the train. If Sean did not die, then there would be no source code to play with. And without the source code, would Coulter even know that he's actually in suspended animation in some virtual reality? Ergo, if Sean did not die, Coulter would still be dead because there would be no big catastrophe to test the source code theory on with the trains not exploding, and hence his existence in the lab would just be useless.
Digging into it deeper actually brings more questions: By saving everyone in the train Coulter actually reset the instances by which he was able to save everyone on the train. In effect, did he just use the source code itself to effectively erase a whole event in time. Take note, not just did rewrite it, he effectively removed the whole part about him using the source code to save the people on the train completely off reality. What the fuck? Did he just undo the past hour of me watching this movie?
I don't know if that's actually genius or if I should feel a bit ripped off.


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