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I am not sure if I have maybe established for myself some sort of blog tradition of my own, but I think I am starting to. I think since I usually celebrate my birthday a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, it’s only fitting that I count the same number of things as my age.
So, for this year, I got me several things that I am thankful for, some, I might have been thankful for already the previous year but for the lack of a certain twist in this year’s list, I don’t have anything else I can think of right now, in no particular order, although people who actually think too much might think there is an actual order. I believe in chaos, therefore:

1. I am thankful for chaos. The universe has it’s own way of telling us that we suck or you suck or that it sucks, even if sometimes it does give you reason to not suck. I guess I am thankful for the universe, whatever, whoever you are. Please forgive me if I digress sometimes from the path that I choose to lay down for myself. And so I fail. Please don’t smite me.
2. I am thankful for food. Whoever created the leche flan should be made a saint. I am thankful for fried chicken, which I apparently crave a lot, although I would never admit, over my dead body, that it has become one of my own favorite foods. I am thankful for chips, that I don’t eat just because. i don’t really know when it started, but I guess I have always been subconsciously conscious about my sodium intake. I am thankful for crab and shrimp, which I think I am allergic to, at least almost all of the people I call my friends think so, so I may not have the chance to eat them again, unless I change my set of people whom I call my friends. I may die if I eat crab or shrimp, or worse, crablets, the crispy kind. But eventually, I may not even try. I soon will forget how good shellfish tastes, just like my relationship with chips.
3.  I am thankful for mornings and late nights and how I can never tell them apart anymore sometimes. I think it is always either too early for things, but it also teaches me that it is never too late for anything.
4. I am thankful for my officemates. These are people that I have the chance to get to know, to become really close me. People who show me things, work and non-work related, they teach me things that other people won’t be able to teach me, that is, outside of the corporate world. It is such a hateful place, the corporate world, I know. Sometimes I hate myself too, but these people teach me that talk is cheap, and that nothing beats hard hard work. And of course being first to get into the office.
5. I am thankful for people who actually have the right sense of mind to leave me alone even if I don’t actually ask them to or make them feel that I want them to.
6. I am thankful for faith, passion and those things that you can supposedly get reading the Bible or them self-help books.
7. I am thankful for my friends. And my so-called friends and their so-called friends who make them who they are. And them friends who make me realize the person that I would never, ever, EVER want or allow myself to become.
8. I am thankful for music. And all the free music I can listen to online. People just don’t buy original CDs anymore, but I still choose to own them.
9. I am thankful for my home. And that luxury that living alone can afford me: I can walk around naked or in my skivvies whenever I want to.
10.  I am thankful for loneliness, solitude and those phases in between that you can never really tell whether it’s more of the prior or the latter, because sometimes it doesn’t really matter at that very moment, because sometimes you don’t really care if people would think it odd or weird or sad that you are by yourself.
11. I am thankful for the beach, and the sun, and the sea.
12.  I am thankful for the dog shit that sits in front of my doorstep every other morning.
13. I am thankful for strangers whom I’ve spent time with, a little too close for strangers, but I admit it was fun while it lasted.
14. I am thankful for hunger, feeling inadequate and always knowing that there’s always more to what you can do now, and that it is hard to think of it because it actually prevents you from becoming whatever it was you were imagining yourself to be the best of in anything at all and then you just end up as an over-thinker with nothing ventured and nothing specific achieved other than those thoughts in your head that not even your fingers can catch up with typing onto this stupid blog.
15. I am thankful for Twitter and Facebook and my blog and all kinds of social networks that I try to participate in.
16.  I am thankful for hats, caps, barbers and the host of hair styling products that I have tried and so far worked.
17. I am thankful for permanent markers and the blank canvas that is my wall, for tattoo ink and the blank canvas that is my skin.
18. I am thankful for media; TV and radio.
19.  I am thankful for cigarettes, alcohol and my other addictions.
20. I am thankful for silence and words, and writing and shutting up when you got nothing good to say. Period. Everything should be measured in worth, even the words that come out of our lips, moreover with the words that come out of our lipas that other people can hear. I don’t believe in spreading negativity, I’d rather spread indifference, just because I can and I am damn good at it.
21. I am thankful for dance. Dancing like crazy. the joy of sweat and moving my body like a crazy person. Dancing in bed with someone dear.
22. I am thankful for sweat and the gym.
23. I am thankful for stories, other people’s stories, those that they tell me and those that they graciously don’t, because god forbid they torment me with their all too boring lives, while I am so busy with my own all too boring life myself.
24. I am thankful for work. Work, work, work. Working like hell. And just like dancing, working even if nobody’s looking.
25. I am thankful for money. I cannot say that I am financially stable. I am doing good by my own standards, which are really set pretty low, even if I have been working aounrd the sidelines of the financial markets for more than six years already.
26. I am thankful for my family.
27. I am thankful for finding the good in other people or things or situations.

From the tone of this grossly long post you could tell that I kinda cheated on this one. I only finished this about a couple of months later after I started it. I would say it’s a bit too late, but at the same time, I thank the universe for not caring if it is. Neither should you.


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