okay, fine. workaholic is me.

okay, i only have a few minutes to squeeze in putting up this post but then again that’s the whole point of trying to get back into the groove of actively blogging again. today was not really a very productive day, honestly, not productive enough to actually push any work-related key performance indicators. most of today’s work actually involved a lot of following up from within and without the company, then the curious slew of figuring out what to do with stuff and how to do stuff better. i think it’s a bit taxing to know that i actually get paid for doing these things, but then again, these days, you’d rather find yourself happy getting paid for doing anything at all than not get paid for doing a whole lot of nothing. i am not even sure if that actually made sense. but going back to the point, if there was actually any, i find myself working my mind off to the ground only to end the day thinking to myself i had not actually made any tangible, measurable, progress. it might just be me overthinking things, or my ego actually pushing me more than my boss, in all her propriety and singlish-ness, actually does. well, she doesn’t push us hard enough, some of my colleagues say. i think, should you actually want someone to push you harder than you’re actually pushing yourself already, if you are? if that is the case,
then you are just not pushing yourself hard enough.

just not hard enough.

not enough.

i think i might have already put this out there in some tweet or something, but i say it again, this job is wearing me out. and i say that not in a bad or good way, i say that for a fact. this job is wearing me out. and it is wearing me out faster than what any school or relationship has ever done to me, specifically my brain.

i take the challenge.


***now i got to run to the gym. not before i water the plants, have a quick meal and pick up some essentials at the grocery. all within the next three hours.


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