on charisma

I don’t know. I am definitely not a charming person, I think. Is there actually a school where you can learn to be charming? Most people I know who are named as such aren’t even remotely charming. That’s when I realized, that must be something you are born into, charm, like some royal blood or shit. That’s the thing when you grow old: you’ll only be as charming as you can be before you realized you needed to be. Much like any other facet of your personality you would long to be. I think I am too old to try to put on the charm, I’ll always know that’s one thing that I can’t do and the mere thought of playing outside of my antisocial character nauseates me. So, in the battle of charm, what am I left to do? I don’t have a clue.
I’d just have to buy people out, I guess. Or wrestle them to death till they like me back.

One thought on “on charisma

  1. Charm is not action but a reaction — you are "charming" because you genuinely like people. I am definitely an a-hole. But with people I am really interested in, I can be quite "charming". Kids love me. Complete strangers like me. Pretentious, superficial beatches, however, yes, think I am an a-hole (and nothing else). Their opinion, of course, as far I am concerned, do not count.

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