bored part 2

Dropped off my laundry next door, and then went on to handwashing my undergarments and office stuff, while surfing the net. I am now convinced that any task that involves surfing the net or generally going online while doing something else would NOT count as multi-tasking. It’s just another term for conscious distraction.
For the love of me, I was supposed to get to my folks’ place around dinner time, only to be able to leave around dinner time.
Got there about past 9pm already. My parents wanted me to stay for the night but I knew the city felt like it always called me on Saturday nights. I was kinda hoping to go out and it would be a lot easier for me to get out if I got out now. So I left them at around past 10pm, I was watching Talentadong Pinoy and rooted for the hula hoop chick.


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