that’s what you get

And so once again, I try to kill myself. Not literally, so if you were thinking of worrying, don’t.

The web never fails to amaze me. For some reason, it is like the ocean. You throw something to it and it gets lost forever, then when you least expect it, the waves come crashing back in.

for red green
Apr 17, ’08 5:54 AM

i cant believe i killed you.
trapt in an embrace that never ended.
left you hanging for nothing.
everything ends in a period now.

i will get to see him grown one day.

Maybe I haven’t been sleeping that much, that must be it. That movie has me thinking, still, in between lucid intervals, of things, things that don’t really matter any more, things that aren’t even worth it anymore, I guess.
One day they would invent something that would make it all go away. Make it all go away. Maybe I would choose it all again (I don’t know, but when they completely get me rid of it, then maybe I would still choose it.), maybe not. But for now, sometimes I just wish there would be a way. 
Make it all go away.
Nakakapagod nang makita pa ang sarili kong bumabalik-balik sa ganito. This is just plain pathetic.

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