gising na anak, matutulog na tayo…

Yes, I have been losing sleep for the most nonsensical things, embarrassing and repulsive sometimes at most, and yes I am guilty of all charges.
I don’t know if I am just maximizing whatever is going to be left of my bum-hood phase, or I am just too lazy to get some proper sleep. I have long said, even to the extent of mentioning it to potential employers, that I don’t believe in sleeping, that sleeping is actually a waste of time. And so I find myself wasting time on other things, instead of wasting my time sleeping.
Anyone who hasn’t seen the movie Inception should see it (Yes, insert shameless worthless plug right here that you’d really never benefit anything from save for something to talk about in case you need to “make conversation” with your so-called friends), and it primarily is about dreams in your sleep. It’s a movie about a dream in a dream in a dream in a, wait for it… (Yes, you have to watch the movie still. This is not a review of it. But I do think it is freakin’ awesome.).
That movie got me thinking, what if we were just dreaming all along?
Ellen Page said something in the film about initially thinking that dreams were just merely visual, but in turn, she learns that they are actually more than that, that it is about feelings and emotions. Count on Christopher Nolan to go mental on you, yes, that has been his recurring theme on most of his movies. (Go wiki.) I don’t think anyone is a stranger to having a dream within a dream, and in the middle of it, we weren’t really able to tell that we were still sleeping. What if we still are? That would be a valid question if your life really sucked, I suppose, you’d never want to stay in such a loser dream and you’d actually dream to wake up from this nightmare eventually. That certainly puts a spin on quips like, “in your dreams” or “turning your dreams into reality.”
I guess no one really can say. (Spoiler alert: Like I said, if you haven’t, you must see the film.) Like in the movie, Mal woke up from their limbo state (she and Cobb had been in it in what seemed like more than 40 years) and was under the belief that they were still dreaming, the first true “inception” that Cobb ever did, that’s why he knew it was possible. She plunged to her death and essentially, “went back to sleep forever.” No once can really say if Mal was right or wrong. What if she really did wake up by her death? The more intriguing question is, wake up to what? What kind of “reality” would one come into (or come back to, depending on how you look at it) once you die? Like those people that Yusuf was testing his compound on, the old man said that instead of coming there to “sleep” the test subjects actually go back to “wake up.” Their dream is their reality now, but is it really? What if they were right all along? And to further the confusion slightly, whose dream are we in anyway? Who is the grand architect of this dream?
Excuse me, I still have to sleep. All the thinking has not really made me sleepy, not yet (not really) but this reality requires me to get some shut eye, so I might exhaust my energies into something useful. The movie is a metaphor unto itself, the art of film, of escapism and picking out the what-ifs and the curiosities that occasionally kick in our brains, but once we step out of the theater, we do have to wake up. There are deadlines to beat, appointments to keep, and a host of other dreams that we must strive to make real. If only it was true, yes. But we might need a bigger kick than just the feeling of free falling or a sudden surge of water to snap out of this “dream” or “nightmare” as some might think (Again, if your life sucks.). If all else fails, there’s always Mal’s method: death.
Maybe somewhere in my dreams I could find a kinder reality. Until then, can someone wake me up at around 8:00 am?


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