I’m not fat. I’m mildly vain on occassion and I pay attention to most details that other people overlook.
Face it. I have. I’m not cute. Hindi ako gwapo. Hindi rin ako matangkad. Hell, I don’t even drive. Gaya ng ng sabi ko minsan, “The least that I can really do is to look like I smell good. And actually do.”
I’m mildly vain on occassion and I pay attention to most details that other people overlook. Yes, I wrote that twice. I hate it when people put on their underwear askew. (It just looks nasty.) I hate it when people walk slow. (Don’t people have pedestrian ettiquette?) I hate it when people wear nauseatingly sweet scents. (You trying to attract bees or ants?) And then there’sa host of other things, but I’d rather talk about that some other post.
Again, I digress.
I was at the gym earlier today. Pretty early for my usual routine. I try to go to the gym around after lunch. That’s normally the time I wake up, what can I say? My trainer said that I should go on a diet. I’ve been going to the gym for about four years already, and I only started lifting weights a year ago. Dapat daw ako mag-diet, para lumabas ang six-pack ko. Hmmm… (A friend once told me, “Bakit ang tagal mo nang naggy-gym pero may tiyan ka pa rin?” Functional strength and excuse ko, pero…)
I have never been on a diet before. Not consciously though, and not this detailed. I was into eating a lot of fish and white meat before, and avoided red meat for some time. I have sworn off chips since I don’t know when, I guess just because. Not really a big snacker myself. Well, I think that’s one good thing about me, I can almost eat anything (Pwera lang chesa, dahil wala naman talagang taong kumakain ng chesa.) without really getting big. At least without getting actually big, except for my gut.
So the diet goes like this: no rice. Cut back half the carbs, half the sugar, half the sodium. At least five yolk-less eggs a day. More white meat and fish. And get this, eat every three hours.
Ugh, ang hirap. I’ve been out of rice for the past three days, and I got to admit, I am very very hungry. I used to drink a lot of juice or iced tea before, but since I have to reduce sugar too, I’d have to settle with drinking mostly water. This is a challenge.
I went to the grocery to stock up, so I wouldn’t have to go out of the house that much to keep the diet up. I got two packs of tofu, tuna fillets in can, a head of broccoli and cauliflower, bean sprouts, goat’s milk (which odd enough has a lot more protein thn normal cow’s milk), a dozen eggs, other sorts of vegetables, and beer. Hey, I’m on a diet already, I might as well indulge. Now my ref is stocked up for about two weeks, I can stay in until somebody actually looks for me. And with the rain and all, mas masarap lang sa bahay.
I had a lot for dinner. Diet dinner for tonight was: two boiled eggs, a can of tuna, three cups of vegetables, a banana, a mango, 1/4 roasted chicken, a glass of milk, a can of rootbeer, and a peanut butter sandwich. Yes, diet na ito. Sobrang diet. Ay, kumain din pala ako ng dalawang donut.
At least walang rice.
Now I’m craving for more roast chicken.
I’m not fat. But at this rate, I will be. Just have to trust my trainer that I’ll soon see my six pack soon. Haay…


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