I don’t remember when I really started writing, or when I really started trying.
Way back when email was just picking up, I had a sort of email pal
that I used to write letters to. I think that was way back in my
second or third year of high school, until I started college.
We shared stories and insights on a lot of things and then some. So to
speak I she became a big sister to me when I had none. I still don’t.
The nice part about it was it was purely platonic. No stings attached,
nothing romantic or even in the lines of it. I think that was because
she thought me too young then. Or thought that I thought like someone
older my age, that’s why she kept writing. To cut the story short, the
email thing lasted for about a year at most, I guess, I cannot
remember anymore. But I do miss it. For some odd reason, even though
we didn’t really know each other, or haven’t seen each other, I felt
that I can pour my soul out to her easily. I’ll be posting a few of
our exchanges here, well, actually just her emails. This is a first of
several I’d like to share.
To anneliese, I hope you don’t mind me putting these out there. I miss
writing to you.

my gosh! please excuse the grammatical errors and typos of my previous
email. ok, include my past emails. haha. i always multi-task without
realizing i am sacrificing important aspects like grammar and rhythm.
anyway, i was chatting in two windows while i was wwriting you. and as
you know chatting is also typing, just like emailing. i was alsoo
concentrating too hard on the problem my friend was sharing.
telling you that is also a way of saying i’m bored! after all, typos
and grammatical erros are part and parcel of online life. there are
moments when we think too fast and our fingers cannot catch up. they
omit intended letters, words.
that happens to me all the time. 🙂
but then, i guess our friendship is about freedom from restriction in
action and opinion.
it also follows that we are lenient about each other’s incorrect
spelling and grammar.
a friend i was chatting with a few minutes ago commented on my liberal
use of the word excite in my sentences. lol
i cannot check how many times i have used the word in my email to you,
but i am sure, as you can tell me when you reply that it’s been
overused. hahaha!
there is no concealing that the deepest part of me yearns for it.
i cannot believe the luck of some people, like my girlfriend who was
on the phone early this morning to tell me how many times she has
reached orgasm last night. that’s with her new lover.
she thinks she’s not in love. but how come she came many times, and
they were extremely intense orgasms!
i’m glad she’s emotionally perky. not about the sex bit. ok, also the sex bit.
do you think she’s in love? she’s only been with her lover for a month.
i know it is different for everyone. but is it not true that our
orgasms are more intense when we are doing it with someone we love? or
with someoone new?
it’s the novelty. unless the lover is really skillful. or physically appealing.
what do you think?
i know i cannot find a man physically appealing unless i am also
attracted to his mind.
i know i’m also not frigid. eveen when once it was a very handsome guy
(conventional definition of what is handsome and not my usual geeky
definition of what appeals to my senses kind of guy) that was kissing
me. he vene touched my left breast. but i felt nothing, when i was
supposed to be almosst orgasmic because the guy was really really
i guess, the fact that he was not smart, lacked imagination and wit
turned me off him.
must be why i like to have encyclopedic knowledge of a guy before i
date him. i must know for sure the guy is smart or it will be a waste
of time. i must be intially attracted. my mind must swell along with
my body part.
so are you sexually active?
i’m not. but i hope to be.
life is too short not to have little orgasmic moments.

***Come to think of it, I think it’s quite funny that she opened
these things up to me. I forgot the date of this email, but it was
sometime in the middle of our exchanges. And that last sentence…


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