i did it seven times today!

Well, really it was yesterday. And it did make a lot of sense.
Temperatures here in Manila peaked at about 37.5. Our house is located within a compound, not that much air going through the apartments and all. And to make things worse, my room has a veranda/balcony that radiates all the heat through my windows. Even my fan at it’s highest setting blows off warm air.
Looking back, I couldn’t imagine being able to sleep in the daytime.
Yesterday was so hot, I was sweating like hell even when I was just a few minutes on the crapper.
So to beat the heat, I took a quick shower every three hours or so. Certainly beats melting, I must say.
So yesterday, for the record, I was begrudgingly clean, and must have scraped off at least a millimeter of skin with all the showering. My hair grew quite a bit, and so did my toenails. I was clean shaven at dawn, then had a five o’clock shadow by 3pm.

But, on the upside, it was a good day for laundry, especially whites.

Today, I took just three showers.


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