i learned a few good things today + good news & bad news

Let’s start with the good news: after almost a whole week of suffering from the runs, I finally got my shit in order. Literally. Yay to solid, healthy looking crap!
The bad news: I got the top of my big toe on my left foot injured while trying to avert almost headbutting/kissing another guy at the gym showers. That dude came out nowhere as I opened the door of my shower cubicle and as I tried to catch myself, grazed, I mean, peeled off about half an inch of skin off the tip of my big toe. Ouch. No blood, well, just a little, but I think I can see through whatever thin skin I have left on it. There goes Cardio Thursday.

And then the things I learned today:
1. It sometimes hurts to be too clean. (Lalo na kung ang kinakayas mong libag e balat mo na pala, at bigla mo itong sabuyan ng alcohol. Ang saya.)
2. It feels good not to be the one to make the first move. (Lalo na kung hindi ka naman ka-gwapuhan, nakaka-flatter. Hehehe.)
3. Bibles are expensive. (I wanted to get one that fits my pocket that I can read on the go. But then they are expensive. O siguro dahil wala lang akong pera.)
4. I waste too much time on too few things. (Dapat kung magsasayang na rin lang ako ng oras, lubos-lubusin ko na.)

This was a good day.


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