bilingual poetry mash-up

dikta: [control]

huwag mong pahirin ang aking luha
kung hindi mo alam ang dahilan ng pag-iyak ko
[if i can’t wipe you tears
then maybe nobody can]
huwag mong sabihin sa akin kung ano ang tama
kung kailanman hindi ka na naging tama
[if i can’t tell you what’s right
then maybe nobody is]
huwag mong iutos sa akin na hanapin ang liwanag
kung hindi mo rin ito matagpuan
[if i can’t show you the light
then maybe it’s not there]
huwag mo akong alukin ng pagkain
kung higit pa nito ang aking kailangan
[if i can’t feed your hunger
then maybe because i’m fed up]
huwag mong ipaintindi sa akin ang buhay
kung kahit ang buhay hindi mo rin maintindihan
[if i can’t make you understand life
then maybe death is sweeter]
[I found this poem stashed in one of my notebooks, again. The Filipino part was from one of my classmates in college, Michelle Ramos. She was one odd, but creative girl. Right below that was the part in English, something I wrote. I just thought It would look cool if they got mashed up like some song.
I don’t know what every happened to Michelle. I never saw her again after that semester ended. I do hope she still is writing.]

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