open for members, anyone who wants to join?

I have a crazy, stupid idea.
Everyone has seen the movie Fight Club, right? (If you haven’t, please do us the favor of doing so before you read on. Or dying, whatever tickles your fancy.) It’s somewhat of the same thread.

I will let anyone take a sock at me anytime anywhere, provided they will let me take a hit on them back. Simple, right? I’ll let you hit me, you let me hit you.
But just once. Just one shot. If you miss it, that’s it. Just one sure shot per member.
The rule will be both that person and me will have just one hit each. No weapons, no feet, just bare hands. The hit can be on any part of the body or face. To execute the hit, there would be no prior warning whatsoever, only a secret passcode and one’s codename will be mentioned after the hit to acknowledge the hit back and vice versa. Once both people have hit each other once and gave the passcode and their codenames, no other words will be said, both parties just walk away.
This will start out as a Facebook fan page or some private membership website. A member registers a codename and posts a picture on the website, for all other members to see. All would essentially know each other by face, but not by name. Only members can see the faces of the other members.
All members have the right to take on any other member, anytime, anywhere. But each can only take a hit on one person in one day. Passcodes will be sent fresh to each member everyday for control, and anyone who was hit will have to enter the codename of the person who hit them on the site (one hit per day rule).
The trick is, rule violators will be posted as an open target on the website, anyone of the members can hit them twice, but with a separate passcode. I guess that will keep everyone pretty much in check.
Membership will be open to both men and women, 18 years old and up. Anyone can basically invite anyone of legal age, notifications will be sent to all members everytime some new member comes along. Membership is permanent.

That’s it. Chaos organized. An orderly club of people who have a fancy for hitting people just one time. Tell me honestly, it can work right?
Just why and how did I think of this? Because sometimes you just feel like you want to hit somebody.
And because sometimes when someone hits you, they never give you the chance to take revenge.
And because sometimes a little chaos feels good.


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