nutrition facts: Fit ‘n Right

One liter (yes, I drink only by the liter, nothing less) of Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Watermelon Juice Drink contains 3 servings. If you do it like I do (by the liter), you will have 300% of your daily vitamin C needs apart from 18% of your required carbohydrate intake (from the 66g of sugar, 75mg of potassium, and 45mg of sodium.
Oddly enough, it only has a total of 900mg of L-Carnitine in a liter. I kinda expected more, but what do I know? L-Carnitine “may help burn fat” the bottle says, so there’s a slim possibility that it won’t help. I know some people who have actually proven that, hehehe.
“Based on a clinical study, you can lose body fat in 6 weeks with 3 servings a day of Del Monte Fit ’n Right along with proper diet and exercise.” I am no expert, but I think anyone who isn’t already doing it (proper diet and exercise) will lose some sort of body fat if they start right now, with or without drinking Fit ‘n Right. Right?
Anyway, it tastes refreshing, the watermelon flavor; it ha sugar, so I’m buying it.
On a side note: this might actually work. Have you heard of any obese people from Vietnam? They’re mostly vegetarians as far as I know. This is afterall: Product of Vietnam. For Export Only.

**Yes, I still do have a lot of time in my hands to do these things…


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