things that could/might work with chocolate

Other than Max Brenner and Leonidas, I do not know of any any other places locally that is dedicated wholly to chocolate. (If you know of any other place, please leave me a comment, and once again I officially hate you for proving me wrong.)
Well, until we stumbled upon Chocolate Fire at Salcedo Village in Makati.
It’s a pretty decent place, I bet it looks a lot more inviting in the daytime. They have a somewhat wide selection of chocolate treats, from figs, apples, and peaches, even Pringles dipped in chocolate; irish cream ganache and some varieties of truffles; to my all time favorite (starting last week): chocolate with chilis. They also have different kinds of chocolate concoctions and coffee (affogato with Blue Bunny ice cream is my personal favorite) but most of them weren’t available yet since they just opened last month. I suppose they have a lot of things that they want to add on to the place in the future when they become fully operational, like wifi and a smoking area out front, but as is, it still is a refreshing discovery driving around Makati on a Saturday night. (And they have impressive restrooms too, more on that in the future, when I finally get my act together reviewing city restrooms.)
Well, the point is not really so much as Chocolate Fire itself, more on what I think are things that might work with chocolate. I think everybody has a soft spot or chocolate one way or another, and I think it is a good creative medium.
Here are some things I’d like to try with chocolate, I know some of them would sound odd, or might have already been done before (but not locally) but who knows, it might just be the next chocolate sensation.
*Rose petals, or any other edible flower (Is hibiscus edible? Lavander? Gumamela? Santan?)
*Celery or carrot sticks. Kangkong?
*Liquor encased in chocolate: vodka, tequila, scotch, brandy, cognac, rhum, etc.
*Cocoa shots. Like espresso, but cocoa.
*Siling labuyo. Chilis up a notch.
*Chocolate cigars. Anthying with tobacco. Tobacco-infused ganache?
*Chocolate soda?
*Herbs. Not just mint, but why not rosemary, thyme, basil?
*Why not chocolate covered fennel? Or garlic?
*Deep fried chocolate?

I don’t know about you but that sounds exciting.

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