if i should intend to get busy pretty soon, i need choices

Not that we ever really run out of choices anyway. Sometimes we just limit ourselves with the choices we only want to see, those that we might actually choose. But almost always there would be those things, choices, that we never even thought of: failure of imagination.
Here are some choices that I have, please tell me if I missed anything or if you have suggestions:
*Go back to school/finish my/any degree.
*Go to DJ Academy.
*Take up archery as a sport. Or any other sport I haven’t tried yet. I could be good in it.
*Travel. Disconnect for a month, backpack somewhere remote.
*Get artsy-fartsy. Welding or woodworking. Or pottery. Serious arts.
*Become a full-time activist.
*Dance. Like dance.
*Immerse into some charity, volunteer work.
*Get into the flesh trade. Sell a kidney. Look for a sugar-person.
*Become an OFW.
*Run. Run. Run. And then run some more.
*Call center. Again.
*Become a minimum wage worker.
*Embrace bumhood. Become a useless alcoholic.

What do you think?


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