my social network autoloop

So this is how it would play out:
I have my accounts under Blogger, Facebook, LiveJournal, Posterous,
Twitter, Friendster, and Gmail.
Ideally, just having Posterous would allow anyone to autopost to all
of the other websites, but it does have limitations. I’m not yet sure
what those exactly are, yet, but I think I can figure it out over time
in using the site. Basta naniniwala ako na may limitations siya
ngayun, period.
(One thing: I was trying to move my shit from Blogger oveer to
Posterous but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it. I tried the
Import link already but no luck.)
I got my Posterous account setup to feed my shit from Gmail (since it
basically allows you to post anything via email as long as it can be
emailed, that their thing) and then autopost it to my Twitter,
Blogger, and LiveJournal accounts. My Twitter account feeds into my
Facebook account. And sometime in the future I’ll probably turn on
that feature again on Facebook to feed my Blogger into the Notes tab
on the site. But on second thought, since I’m on Posterous already,
it’s no longer necessary.
This way, I can have everything I want to share on Posterous, feeding
everywhere else online, and still keep my Blogger intact. Just in case
there are things I’d want to put on my blog but don’t want on any of
the other sites (some shit that I don’t feel like sharing to everyone
but only to those who’d care enough to actually be interested) then I
got my Blogger.
Oh, yeah. I got Friendster too. Like, who cares?

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