two months

These last two months have been a bust. I think these months will go in my memoir (If ever I get to prove that my life would be worth writing a memoir about in my later years, and if I could actually find at least a hundred people who would want to read about my sucky life. But as evidenced by this particular post, I don’t think it would be published ever.) as the most unproductive of my life.
To date.
You never know, maybe the next month would be a lot more unproductive. I might just decide to stop taking a bath for a month, or even stop changing clothes. Or even skipping the clothes altogether. I could decide to be naked and just not move.
I wish sometime in the future I could be quoted for saying this, that is if no one before me had not yet put it out there before me, that which I don’t know (yet) but as I always say: This is the age when we feel we can do anything and everything.
I could decide to be a naked statue by next month.


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