And even the time on my computer isn’t real.
Yes, and I owe it to myself and to my blog that I haven’t really been doing any writing for the past month or so. I haven’t been doing anything at all for the past month or so. Running almost two months already actually. And for obvious reasons, I don’t think I have any reason to write or anything to write about, really.
I was atrying to do some reading, you know, to get some sort of inspiration on what I can write. But in between watching all the shows on cable TV and a lot of mini meals packed in a day, that didn’t work. All I got was a whole new favorite show which is telecast delayed by a couple of days (AOTS) and then about five plus pounds added to my weight. By a normal person’s standard figures, I have already achieved my ideal body weight but that is, with the bulge.
I got a tattoo of a pin-up angel on my torso left side, which only two people, apart from the tattoo artist and his posse, have seen: my brother whom I asked to initally do the draft for it, and then Fishy, whom I asked to pay the bill for the credit card that I used to get the tattoo in the first place. I am thinking of getting another one by next month, next week even. Given that I’m targetting to start my official job hunt after the Holy Week, that would just get me enough time to heal. Hopefully I can decide what to get next, and Frank gets me a discount of some sort. It’s not as if I’ll eventually tag along my friends into getting their tattoos later in the year as well, when Rudy gets back.
This is going nowhere. Stop.


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