VD. Ilang araw na lang at VD na naman. Meron pa ngang movie na ang title ay Valentine’s Day.
Yiheee. So. Brang. Chee… sy.
I was never really a fan of VD even when I was in a relationship, even more now. It’s not really a holiday anywhere else in the world that I know of. (Hmmm… let’s check… Okay, the closest was the Lupercalia of the ancient Romans, but that’s too far detached from what VD is today.) At any rate, although I am a very very big fan of the color red, VD never really got to me that much.
We had a VD party once in high school, I think that was in our sophomore year. Pero hindi katulad ng normal na VD celebration, sa halip na pula, iba ang kulay namin, ang gamit namin ay blue. That was a blue VD, pulled out all the stops para lang makapag-party kami, sort of, kahit na ang tunay na goal naman talaga namin ay huwag lang makapag-klase. we had a short program, musical numbers, exchanged notes and small cards to everyone and those who we felt were “special”, and there was some sort of mini-dance. Well, that was that. It was fun, it was blue, it was your usual high school VD get-out-of-class-ticket party, and it was so cheesy. Yep, on hindsight, that would have been blue cheese, stinks like sweaty gym socks marinated for three days, but the acquired taste is like heaven. On VD, I never got to acquire that taste.
Even when I was with my ex, I can’t remember actually spending VD with her. I remember my first VD when I was in a relationship, with my first girlfriend. I went all the way to Laguna to her apartment and had flowers. That was sweet even for my standards. But with my second girlfriend, I don’t remember. I don’t know why. Maybe that’s the thing, I remember the first because that was the first. I don’t know. I would like to wish that the reason why I can’t remember spending VD with her was because we were not really together since she was in the US at the time. Kung sakali man na mali ako at tunay ngang magkasama kami isa o dalawang VD noon, e ewan ko na lang kung anong ibig sabihin nun kung hindi ko na maalala o hindi yun nag-stick out from my memory. Now, that’s just sad, I know. But that’s just it. Wala talaga e. But in fairness to those who know her, and those who knew us when we were together, I remember a lot more moments other than those that were marked by any particular worldwide holiday. That must count for something, right?
Pasensya na sa iyong nagbabasa nito, kung totoo ka man o kathang isip lang kita na meron talagang nagbabasa nito. I really don’t know what I was going to say when I started writing this thing about VD but, I felt I owe it to myself to at least put it out there with any minimal semblance of coherence as minutely possible. Sorry, naka-lisaw pa rin ako.
I don’t know if Hallmark even makes that much money out of the fabricated holiday anymore. I bet they used to, before everyone got internet and a Facebook and Twitter account. Now everyone could just tweet it or post it as a status update or become a fan of anything related to VD. Even cyberstalkers could take a killing out of the holiday, much like those secret admirers; they just have to vaguebook it on VD and then the comments would come flowing.
Well. Yun na yun. VD. I would want to say that I’d wish everyone a happy VD on Sunday, but that would be too much out of character for me. But, just for the heck of it, on VD I will wear red. Shoes.
So bite me.


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