going back to school

What do you do when presented with an offer you can’t resist?
Tonight, my father just asked me if I would want to quit work and they would pay for me to go back to school. I was floored for a moment, given the situation and everything that happened, I didn’t think that he would ask me that at all. I have always been the black or white kind of guy, and I don’t find any sense in bringing up topics that have already been decided as closed, at least in my perspective. So I was in a bit of shock that he would go as far as actually asking. I guess they just forgot all about that conversation that we had more than a couple of years back when I actually told them that I did not want to go back to school anymore. It did not make sense to me the need for a diploma at all since I already had a stable job and was actually earning more than some of my contemporaries.
Or they were just sincerely hoping that I would change my mind in time, now that the stable job is at risk of being unstable, and five years on, I never really got past anything at all since I am sans a degree. Given that they are both already growing older than we can imagine, I guess they are still caught us in that ideal of making sure that all of their children at least finish school and then wonderfully prosperous lives. Realistically speaking, that is not an option for everyone. But for a moment there, it was for me.
So I said no. I don’t think I had ever disappointed my parents any faster than got that two second gap that I thought about it when my father asked me that question. I said no, not because I wanted to spite my own parents but because it won’t feel right. I had my chance and I apparently blew it, and I think it’s only fair to me to handle the situation for myself. I am already providing for myself right now as it is, I would hate to have my parents, not interfere, but get involved with me trying to fix my life and get it all together.
I know later on it would not even make any sense, I know deep in the back of my mind I’d still want to be able to say to my children that I did finish something in my life, and that it was not all half-baked. But then more than that, I want to be able to teach then the value of independence too, much like father always taught us.
I guess my parents did teach me well after all.


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