I’m trying to write again.
This will be my first post for the new decade. I think it was about five years ago that I started blogging and I never imagined it would last up to this long, this blog that is. It actually doesn’t really matter thatmuch to anyone else than me anyway, since those things that I’ve put out on this blog had mostly been only read by myself, and then some handful of other people who are either curious about some blind item I’ve put down or just have been forced to read my notes directly fed into Facebook. Not that i’m apologising for anything that I’ve written, people do have the option of ignoring my writing completely if they so do wish, much like my choice of mutually ignoring them too, but I’m just saying: it’s been quite some time already that I have been putting out a bit too much of myself out on my blog and on Facebook.
How should I start the year? Isn’t that question a little to late to ask already? It’s already the fourth of the month, and everyone would have expected to have thought of it already somehow. It now reads so last year, so last decade.
I’m thinking instead of a list of things that I can get accomplished within the next, um, 360 days. A list of tangible, realistic, concrete, and measurable things to do. I’d choose not to call these things “resolutions”, that word has some ring to it that sounds a bit closer to “yeah, right” than “yes.” And most of these things might not even involve myself, now that I think of it. These are not things that I would choose to change about myself, I mean, I like myself just the way I am, it’s just the life that I’m living that’s totally disagreeable, as far as I am concerned, but I am okay with everything that I am. This list would merely be, just things that I’d like to do within the year. Hopefully I can come up with about a hundred, but that would be too much for me to keep track of the rest of the year. I guess I’ll stop when I feel like it.
Here it goes, in no particular order:

Take the Civil Service exam.
Get a passport.
Travel outside of the country and take a picture with one of the locals.
Drink at least 50 different cocktails, within the year.
Buy myself a new pair of good running shoes.
Get a sportswatch.
Skip haircuts for the whole year.
Paint a mural in my own room.
Get my name on a newspaper/magazine.
Pass out from too much alcohol.
Run a combined total of 100km of marathons.
Get to at least three beaches.
Get a new job.
Write a letter to the new president.
Watch the sunrise from an unfamiliar place.
Do volunteer work.
Get a good digital camera.
Quit Facebook for at least a month.
Write a short story.
Learn how to drive.
Go to the dentist.
Read ten novels and write about them.
Get a new pair of pants.
Watch ten movies and write about them.
Make brownies.
Write a letter to an international agency/a world leader.
Get two new tattoos.
Do a mall tour.
Climb a mountain.
Finish decorating my bedroom door.
Do a handstand, or a cartwheel, or better, a backflip.
Quit smoking for at least a month.
Get a decent cellphone.
Do more than a hundred push-ups in one go.
Run 5km in under 20 minutes.
Give one of my friends a piece of art that I created.


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