werry wishwash at work…

Merry Christmas.
I feel I’ve gone and wasted more than 6 hours of my time here at work, just waiting for something to do or what to do next. Yes, I am in the office on Christmas Eve until actual Christmas Day, not that I have come to enjoy it, I guess I’ve been used to it for the most part.
I was looking at my blog, trying to think back at what I wrote for December of last year. No specific entry for Christmas, though, which is kinda odd and expected at the same time, I think it was the year before last that was really an eventful one during this time of the year. Still trying to think of things to do, tomorrow, the next day and on Sunday. I think we’re going to have some dinner of sorts with some work friends on Sunday, some family reunion thing on Saturday and then of course the rudimentary family bonding shit kind of stuff today, Christmas Day. I still don’t know how I’d break it to my high school friends that we’re not probably going out of town this weekend; I think in some dream that I’ve had before they sent me a message that it was already cancelled. I’m not too sure. Between our neighbor’s blaring sound system earlier yesterday; they just decided to celebrate the eve
even before the sun had already set, them and their cutely stupid cats who decided to leave yet another unpleasant “gift” on our porch; and my own futile efforts in getting some decent amount of sleep, including, but not limited to: devouring half a dozen donuts (not just because I can but more like because I want to), three cigarettes (a habit that I wish so well I could eventually learn to quit or even actually attempt to quit), a small shot of orange vodka (en route to my aspirations of being an alcoholic in the not so distant future), watching three-quarters of the movie “The Incredible Hulk” on HBO (someday, I also dream of employing such anger management techniques to suppress my own anger towards myself and the universe in general), and cold-texting
some people I know and testing my limits in resisting willfully regrettable temptation (let’s not go into details that would undermine your already low regard of my morality); I could have picked up my phone in the middle of the day and saw and read some messages without fully understanding them, and just deleted them messages out of my minimalist phone forever. That’s one advantage of my phone, it offers me no accountability for any message that is sent to me, in the same way that it is also an excuse for me not to text anyone. That works for me quite well.
Okay. I’ve got less than an hour before my shift ends. Strange enough, I can’t wait to see my family again and of course, like any average Filipino would do on Christmas day, eat, eat, and eat a whole lot more. This, in turn, would deserve another bout (or two) at the gym by next week, hopefully I’ll get to do a lot more things by then, I’m going to enjoy three days of non-work activities. I’m thinking of doing the mall-tour again, like what I did the year before last, that was fun. But I’m not sure if I’d actually have enough money to pull it off. I could, only if I guess my replacement credit cards would come in the mail by next week. That would be an exercise in control…
In digression, just noticed one of our sales supervisors walking around the floor. Not that they don’t normally do that everyday, but I guess he must have recognized me as he and some other agents were having a round downstairs while me and my teammates were smoking. I guess that just goes to show what my company has become through the years (I say, my company,
because no matter what, I still think that those lessons that I’ve learned while working here as well as those things that I have come to appreciate about the work that I do are things that I will never unlearn or forget anymore, no matter where my career takes me). I couldn’t blame them, it must have taken some good deal of hard work for them to have reached the status that they enjoy right now, but like what I told one of my teammates when they too noticed, it’s not really our responsibility to police them, use being their subordinates and them being our supervisors, so technically, I couldn’t care less. But if the tables were turned, then it would be their responsibility to advise us from drinking mid-shift since they are accountable for our actions at
work. Well… oh, well. What the company had become… I’m just saying…
Eight minutes left till the end of our shift. Nothing to do anymore, just exchanging useless banter with my teammates. Now just six minutes till I can get home and then get my bag ready and head off to my parent’s place. I’m feeling a bit hungry now, I don’t know if my favorite corner joint is actually serving anything special for Christmas Day, I’m not even sure if they’re actually open. Hope I can get something to eat soon, most of the stores are usually closed during Christmas.
Haay… Another day at work, only today, it’s Christmas too.


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