slave for a day

Here’s my both stupid and brilliant idea.
I was actually thinking of doing this about a year ago, and I actually have already laid a draft for this plan on my old phone, but since I lost that, it totally slipped my mind until now. I stumbled upon an email from Adbusters regarding Buy Nothing Christmas, and what better way than this. Since I don’t have enough money to get everyone gifts for Christmas, I think it’s high time I do everyone I know a favor. Literally.
I am thinking of giving everyone I would like to give a gift to a favor card, some sort of contract, that signifies my commitment to do them a favor at a future date in the next year.
God, just thinking about this idea makes my head spin.
Not that I think my friends would actually take advantage of me, not that I have that many friends that could potentially take advantage of me, not that I actually have anything great to offer my own friends, or anyone for that matter, that people can really take advantage of to begin with, I think that for this to really work, I have to lay down some ground rules. I am not a very organized person so these rules would actually come in no particular order. I’ve thought of numbering them so it would not look that arbitrary.
1. Must be something that’s tangible, realistic, and doable.
2. Must be nothing financial.
3. Must not hurt or cause physical, psychological, or emotional pain to any person directly or intentionally, both recepient and grantor included.
4. Must be something that can be completed in the course of 24 hours.
5. Must not be work related, nor should it interfere with work of both the recepient and grantor of the favor.
6. Must not be something that should be kept a secret; must not be something that cannot be disclosed on need to know basis.
7. Must not involve any action that may cause prosecution; must be nothing illegal or taboo.
8. Grantor of the favor must be informed of the exercise at least a week before, although the actual task can be disclosed on the day of the task itself. In anticipation of anything that might be asked, tasks would only be limited to one per day.
9. The warrant is non-transferrable nor is convertible to cash. As long as the contract can be presented for exercise, the warrant does not expire.
10. The contract must be presented to the grantor upon notification of the exercise and then surrendered to the grantor upon completion of the favor.
I don’t think I can think of anything else to put down as a rule for now. ten rules does look like alot, but I think ten is a pretty solid number. Other than anything that is covered by these rules above, I can say that I am game. For anything, Come to think of it, I am really giving away not just a favor, but full control of my life for a period of 24 hours. I will be anyone’s slave for a day. I think as long as it’s within the rules, it would only be fair. Now to figure out those people to whom I will grant this power to…
I say game.

* * * * *
I still am trying to come up with a gift list, on who’s slave I’d want to be for at most a day. I’ll probably have one done by the end of the year…


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