in excess

The day was filled with excesses.
An excess of travelling.
An excess of insensitivty.
An excess of food. I wolfed on anything and everything I could get my hands on. The Flying Pig’s half-slab of ribs and mashed potatoes was really good, I never thought I could finish the whole lot. On the brighter side, I was gearing to eat a lot more this season to actually bulk up and put on the pounds but more on that later. After a day’s diet of fish at my parent’s house, the last thing that I needed was another sight of cream dory.
An excess of alcohol.
An excess of sleep. I slept through the greater part of the day. I got home from the drinking at around 4am, I think, the deatils of me coming home are a bit blurred by that episode of excessive vommiting in the bathroom just as I walked into the door of my house. The good thing was I did not throw up in someone’s car again, nor did I do it in public view. I think that was partly because I was still conscious of my surroundings at the time they brought me home, conscious enough not to rest my head on the car and prevent my head from absorbing every movement of the wheels on uneven pavement, sort of prevented from shaking the alcohol all the way to my head and cause me to throw up. True, the night could have ended a lot better had I known not to drink a bit too much, but who was counting anyway? I always say that I haven’t been going out that much in quite a while, and I do bbelievee that that would be a valid excuse to miss alcohol as much as I miss my not so old friends.


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