looking good on paper

I just got home from the office. Nothing really great happened today, aside from the fact that I am getting bigger in such a way that I couldn’t peronally tell if it’s for the better or not. I haven’t gone to the gym in about a week already and I feel the pounds racking up.
Yesterday was the first day of December and I think that I’m definitely off to a good start at work. I was able to make a sale today, at long last, thank heavens, although I don’t think it does count. For one thing, I was not the one who proposed the product solution to the client in the first place, one of the product specialists did. All the while I was hoping that I was going to get a lead on one of our more expensive software but I think it was a bit too early for the client to make the upgrade anyhow. At any rate, a sale is a sale, and as long as the numbers do me good, I guess it still is better than none. I really am not a sales person to begin with, I mean if I was really cut out for sales in the first place, I don’t think I would’ve stayed with this company for that long. I would already have sold my talents someplace else instead.
That’s the thing. Most people do look good on paper, like on their resumes but they really don’t look that good in real life. In my case, I don’t think I look that good at all on paper, but I am pretty good in real life. Now if I could only get enough time and passion to make myself look good on paper as I am in real life, then that would be really great.
I am starting to get really sleepy.


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