hello, netbook.

Just how long can I survive without logging into Facebook?
Unwillingly, it seems that I have just set that challenge for myself. even though I just bought a netbook a couple of days ago, I haven’t been online since I got my own computer. Call me lazy, but I haven’t installed any anti-virus software on my computer yet, that’s why I haven’t been online lately. I feel like I’m going back to those days when we didn’t have an internet connection here at home, so we basically had to make do with whatever was installed on the computer, the most basic games, music, and then of course, writing.
I am actually defeating the purpose of me getting this netbook in the first place.
On the other hand, I am still sulking over the sheer weight of this ccomputer in the first place. Getting the 9-cell battery for an extra Php2,000.00 sound like a sweet deal but I never imagined the 9-cell battery to be this massive and heavy. Now everytime I get to look in the mall for other netbooks that I could have picked, I feel pangs of regret on why I had to hurry the purchase in the first place. I guess at that time, it was the thought of actually owning one that weighed on me to go ahead and get it right away, plus the fact that I was slowly eating into the money that I had supposedly allocated for the purchase. I couyld have gotten a much more simpler netbook with just the 1GB memory which would have been more like my speed, but still I insisted on getting the 2GB. Honestly, I don’t even know the difference, I guess it would really matter eventually when I got other applications installed on this thing. But for now, I sulk.
I will have to go to work in about an hour. So much for time.

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