hello, netbook (prequel)

I finally have a netbook of my own! Yay!
I feel that this would be agood thing since eventually, I might have to embrace bum-hood unless I suddenly do better at work and then therefore feel better about work altogether. but nonetheless, I think this would also be the start of me trying to write more again, even more than what I am trying to do right now with my sad blog. I think I did mention that before when I first got my E71 phone but now that I actually lost it, That just validates me getting my own netbook even more.
At any rate, eventually I guess I’d buy into the new model of that phone soon, Nokia E72, sometime middle of next year I guess, if I end up deciding to keep my job anyway or if the prices do drop significantly lower.
Still, I really should be sleeping right now instead of wasting my time on my new netboook. Still got to go to work later.
I really don’t have anything to do on this netbook yet, other than type up stuff. Since I dont even have my anti-virus software installed yet, I don’t have any choice but to hold up on going online first since, I fear I might need the recovery disc that fast this early on. You never know what you can get online.
It’s also a good way I guess of trying to find out more about the computer first before going into the hardcore netbook tasks, well, which is mostly going online to surf. That’s what basically a netbook is for, right? At least I can find out if there’s anything that I need to get used to first while doing the more basic stuff like typing or listening to music and shit, before I go online so I can better organize stuff as I go along to fully using this.
The odd thing is, I was kinda expecting a different out-of-the-box experience. But since the store actually opened the box for me and had the whole thing setup, I don’t even have my own out-of-the-box experience to speak of since I wasn’t the one who took it out of the box. For my second considerably substantial purchase, I think it kinda is disappointing. This might as well be the second most expensive thing I bought in my life (I know it’s pathetic right, and it’s not even more than Php30,000.00, but I think this way, I’m tricking myself into thinking that I am not really that extravagant when it comes to these things.), after my earlier phone which is now in some dope’s hands, and I didn’t even get to unbox it myself. Come to think about it, that’s a bit depressing.
This is silly. I’m getting obessed with keeping this netbook clean and almost grime free. But I already peeled off most of the protective plastic coverting the fingerprint prone parts. I know, it’s stupid. As long as I am using this, It will never be totally fingerprint-free. At least what i’m trying to do is keep most of those parts other than the keyboard itself scum-free. Riiight.
Clearly, I don’t have a point.

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