let’s hit the mall (or the attack of the zombie sushi)

I got to escape to the mall this afternoon. And since I cannot travel that far, I went to the farthest mall I can reach in just one ride: Mall of Asia.

It was just about 30 minutes away via bus. No traffic midday, so thank God. And even if it wasn’t really raining, it was a bit cloudy when I got there, I slightly feared melting to my death even before I got in the mall.
Walking around was a pretty standard experience. Nothing much has changed really since the last time I went there, which I can no longer remember when that was. As a matter of fact, I think it feels a lot smaller now than before.
Still is disorienting when you pick one of the streets at first, when you get to the other side of the mall, you won’t remember which side you were at until you got to the end of the street and find out that you’re wither at the front or the back of the mall.
At the start I wanted to go through the mall systematically, making sure to check out every corner of the mall for anything new or interesting, stores that have long been replaced or new stuff I have yet to see. Nothing much there. About an hour later of walking, I was able to course through all the major walkways and check out most of the stores I like, and that was that. I spent the next two hours wandering around aimlessly, which actually got boring thirty minutes in.
There was a marching band at around 4:00pm, which was kinda new to me. I’ve seen weird shit at MOA, but that was the first glimpse I’ve had of the marching band. And they did march around the mall. That was slightly amusing.
I guess I’ve been to the mall too many times to actually be fascinated by such commercialization distilled into one massive structure, that I get bored a lot easier just walking. So I bought stuff.
I got five books, one t-shirt, two polos, and a bottle of perfume. Let’s leave the numbers out, for sure comments would be flying. An improvement I guess would be that I didn’t buy shoes. I don’t remember the last pair I bought, but for sure I’ve gone more than two quarters without new kicks.
I was able to catch the sunset by the bay later in the afternoon, never seen the sun actually move that fast right before my very eyes. I would have taken a picture, but my phone is so… minimalist.
The highlight would certainly be the food.
I had BK Steakhouse Burger for lunch, which was great. Massive half-pound grilled burger, steak sauce, mayo, crispy onions and some pickles. A side of regular fries and a tall soda, full-sugar. Just what I needed to gain some weight.
And then for dinner, I had sushi buffet at Sakae Sushi. They have this conveyor belt thing that went around the restaurant and hauled the little sushi plates out of the kitchen and you just had to pick the plate you’d like to eat. Neat. So Japanesey. I finished five plates, which I think was pretty standard. Not that much variety in the sushi plates, I guess being a weekday, the business was quite slow.
I sat by the end of the long line, near the roundabout for the sushi. The seats were quite low compared to the belt, which would be at around eye level when you’re seated. It was exciting at first, seeing the little sushi plates come down the line. But as the night progressed, it became very tiring to watch them; daunting too, at one point, when one of the kitchen crew was loading a set of new sushi plates on to the belt. Then down they came, like little zombie sushi, all in the straight line… Every time you got up to breathe after wolfing down a piece of sushi, down they came… Slow… Relentless… Sushi this… Sushi that… And more sushi…
Just thinking about it makes me dizzy.
I would recommend not eating the roe though, that one made me slightly throw up. There was a rule against leftovers, being a buffet, but I wasn’t too sure if throwing up would count as leftovers. I wasn’t able to try their other ala carte dishes though, I was breathing sushi through the nose.
That was fun. So much for not having any plans. But I fear I might get nightmares of that sushi conveyor belt…



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