Once again, by some strange coincidence I have yet to find out why, I am going to be free fro the next two days. That means no work, more laziness, no stress, but more time to think about what sensible thing to do to kill time.

I really wasn’t expecting to be plotted for any days off for the month of November, but lo and behold, this will be my second three-day workweek. Our leader informed us of the qualifications to get a day off, that you should still have free days off to file to actually get one. The last I checked I had five, and my other teammates had more then 15 to spend. So by some strange luck, I get four. I don’t know whether that’s actually a good thing or not. I am starting to get the feeling that they’re purposely trying to get me off work so I won’t ruin it for everyone, whatever it is that am supposed to be ruining.
Again, my back is already aching from the time I’ve been spending crouching over on my brother’s laptop, typing and browsing away.
I could have planned things a little better if only I knew I was going to get these days of anyway. I could have gone to some beach or some place out of town instead of getting stuck here on the net. But, no use complaining now; first off, I never would have really known that I was going to get these days off from work in th first place within such reasonable time to be able to plan some trip anyway, and second, I’ve never known myself to be someone who’s really big in planning ahead anything more then a week in the future. I don’t do planning. Just look at what happened to my life.
I figure this would be more time for me to ultimately sort out some things in my life, catch up on my reading (at any rate, I’m almost done with Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs), and do some creative stuff like doodle or write.
Speaking of doodling, I still haven’t finished the doodle I started on my bedroom door, I know it’s been more than a month already since I started that project and it’s not exactly the Sistine Chapel I’m doing here on my door anyway so I should be able to finish it in some fair amount of time, but I’m just running out of ideas on how to handle that hideous teddy bear figure on the bottom of the door.
And I am getting sleepy too. Sleep sound good like right now.

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