happy birthday to me (part two)

Okay, fine.

I had to rest for a bit. My back is now aching from too much crouching over on this laptop on my bed. I think it’s getting a bit too warm now. I better get this propped up a little for some air.
I have changed my CD again, I’m now listening to Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I never realized how diverse my taste in music could get until a couple of years ago. I think that does come with age. Or is it just tolerance? I can’t put a finger on it.

[On a side note: I’ve always wanted to have psychic friends. Friends who can read minds. Friends who can tell what you’re doing right now even if they’re not physically there. Friends who can project astrally and stalk you wherever you are or whatever you’re doing. I think some of my friends are psychically connected to me already. The problem is, I kinda wish they were some other friend.]
I apologize. I was sidetracked. I stumbled upon NaNoWriMo on some other writer girl’s blog here on Blogger. Looks like a great and daunting challenge. Talk about that later. In the meantime, back to the birthday commemoration highlights:
  • I got home midday Sunday, browsed through the paper I got for takeout and then went online. I think I was due some harvests on FarmVille that day, I can’t remember. I am certain though that I could have killed someone… on Mafia Wars. Hehe.
  • Tried to sleep for a couple of hours, didn’t do that much good. For some reason the breakfast broke my buzz from all the vodka the previous night, so I was basically wake when I got home. Well the good news is I still got half a bottle of orange flavored vodka and the whole bottle of silver tequila at home. ime to learn how to be com alcoholic, I thought.
  • Did most of my laundry that day, not because I love doing laundry or because I love the smell of clean clothes, but since I had nothing better to do. So there. Cheng sent me a message about dinner. I sent a reply. Game.
  • I met Cheng and Chryssie at the Eastwood Mall at around 8:00 pm. It was the first time I got back into Eastwood after I moved to Shaw. Nothing emotional there, just stating a fact.
  • We got dinner at Cyma, on my suggestion. Cheng said she was really hungry, and I was glad one of my favorite places was able to satisfy her discriminating taste. Chryssie enjoyed dinner too, with the Tonnos Salata and its seared tuna. She don’t do cooked fish for some reason. Japanesey.
  • We planned to grab some alcohol before going home but since Cheng had to work early the next morning, we just made do with water. Anyway, I joined them for the ride home to Rosario and then went around and took a jeepney back to Crossing. It was still quite early, and it felt odd. Considering I didn’t have work the following Monday night, I was at a loss on what to do.
  • I read more than half of this book Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. It’s been a while since I was able to get to more than half of any book. The last book that I actually finished was Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. And that was I think a year ago.
  • And then I slept. I slept a lot. Yes, that was a highlight. I never got that much sleep in a long time. So much wasted time sleeping, I think…
  • Monday came. I don’t remember that much happening that Monday. I went to the gym in the afternoon, for one. Then when I got home, my other brother Ryan was there already from Singapore. No great fare when my brothers come home, really. We’re that casual. It’s just as if they came home from the mall or the corner store or something. We’re fine with one “Oy!”, among other things. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. At least he somehow likes the doodle I did on our bedroom door. I think he likes it. Or at least the idea of it. Can’t really say.
  • It was already pretty late when I got home that Monday night. I got lazy and got ome more sleep instead.
  • Tuesday was also somewhat a bore. It was exciting when I got the package from Faith that morning. I got 2 new Moleskine sketchbooks! Just what I needed, I think. Well, it’s just that nice that she thought to give them to me. I like. Very. Much. [I have long had an obsession with blank pieces of paper. I can see myself hanging out usually at the bookstore not just reading books but also appreciating blank notebooks and other different kinds of paper both bound and unbound. I like the smell of paper.]
  • [The song Jenny Wren by Paul McCartney is playing in the background now. Not that it’s a highlight, but I just wanted to point out.] Later that day, I woke up to the crash of a flying dinner table. My brother and his wife got into some argument, and my brother was flinging all the stuff in the kitchen around. I never saw them really fight that big, so I feared of what my brother can do when he’s fuming. We’ve had fights as brothers when we were a lot younger and it was really ugly. My other brother and I tried to clam him down, he was the one who was really shouting and throwing stuff around. My sister-in-law was slightly not feeling way and was shaking with fear. She told me that she had never seen my brother that mad before. Good thing no one really got hurt. Well, two crushed monobloc chairs, one broken dish, one flattened stove, one serving of hamonado and one unopened jar of Nutella later, no one was hurt. Poor Nutella.
  • I was unable to get out of the house pretty much the whole day, for fear that my brother might actually hurt my sister-in-law, or even himself. I was able to get out later that night. Watched a movie by myself, first time in a very long time, again. I kinda missed it. Had two double cheeseburger meals and a hot fudge sundae from McDo to bring into the cinema. I saw Jennifer’s Body with Megan Fox playing some sort of succubus. It was campy. I like. I laughed at some of the lines alone in the theater. They must’ve thought me strange. What the hell.
  • After the movie, I walked all the way home. Not that far. Stopped by Agave at Shangri-La Mall for a couple of mojitos. Yes, by myself. By the bar. That was about fifteen minutes before the official end of my birthday. At least I still know that alcohol made me smile on my actual birthday.

So there. That was that. That was how I spent the past three days before my brithday and my actual special day itself. Okay. Fine. Any questions?


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